JASMINER X4 BRICK ETH/ETC Miner Hashrate 65MH/s 30W machine More economical than Innosilicon A10 A10pro A11 L7




Shipping list:

1.  JASMINER X4 BRICK  ————— 1 PC

Product Description:

1. Algorithm: ETCHASH

2. Computing power: 65MH/s (-10%~+10%)

3. Wall power: 30W (-10%~+10%)

Product Displaying:


price of mining machine often changes according to variables such as
exchange rate, magic coin price, network difficulty and so on. No refund
requests or returns are accepted.

After-sales service:

1. Due to the special nature of the product, returns and exchanges are not accepted after delivery

Due to market fluctuations, the product price may be adjusted at any
time after your purchase. We do not assume the obligation of prior
notice and price compensation.

We guarantee the power and power parameters of second-hand machines,
but not the appearance. Please think twice before buying.

warranty service:

Innosilicon provides a 90-day warranty for new mining machines from the
date of shipment according to their terms and conditions

2. Old mining machines
We only provide a 45-day warranty, because old machines are easier to break than new ones

If it is a warranty policy, defective miners can repair it free of
charge; after the warranty period, the machine needs to pay for repairs
according to the actual situation.

The following events will invalidate the warranty: Customers first
disassemble/replace any components by themselves; damage caused by
lightning strikes or voltage surges; stray boards or scorched parts on
chips; miners/circuit boards/components infiltrated or corroded due to
wet conditions And damage.

5. Pay the freight when shipping replacement parts during the warranty period

6. If you have any questions about receiving the package, please communicate with customer service in time.


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